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Creating better health together

Initial Consultation Package : Includes a one-hour primary consultation and two 30 minute follow-up consultations.  Prior to the initial "meeting" you will receive a questionnaire.  This ensures we spend maximum time exploring your concerns and individual goals.  The two 30 minute follow-up consultations may be used to touch base, review progress and make adjustments accordingly as you see fit.


Follow up consultations: We recommend as many follow-up consultations, beyond the first three meetings, as you need to continue working on your evolving program. 

In our meetings, we encourage you to be completely honest in order to create the best program for you. 


Contact us to schedule a consultation! 

Healthy assortment of yellow foods
Initial Consultation Package

1-hour initial consultant with two, 30-min follow-ups. 

We will build a plan of action and check in on that wellness plan's goals with the future follow ups!

Venmo Payment

Consultation Payments can be made through Venmo if desired. Scan the above QR code or send a payment to @CCH-LLC To complete the payment. Please include your consultation package in the description of the request.

Follow Up Consultations

30-min follow up session beyond  the initial package follow-ups. 


Key for evaluating progress and setting new goals!

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