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Sufficient - C Products

Sufficient-C has found the best way to take vitamin C.  Put it in water and sip it all day!  Not only does this work with your bodies' timing for needing vitamin C, but it tastes great.  It also is packaged with some if it's best friends, other antioxidants that make it work better.  Contact me to discuss further.

Immune-Ade Drink Mix

Sufficient-C Immune-ade Drink Mix.jpg

Vitamin C is very safe as a supplement.  If you take too much, you excrete it.  If you take too much you get diarrhea and at that point you know, YOU ARE TAKING TOO MUCH.  But it won't hurt you.  The down side of that scenario is that it doesn't stay in your body for very long, so it is best utilized by your body when taken periodically throughout the day.  For many people the optimum dose is very high and this is the best most delicious way to do it.

Immune-Ade Bundle

Sufficient-C Immune-Ade Bundle.jpg

When you buy six bottles of the 250 gram size of Sufficient-C you get 20% off.  It is regularly $42.99 per bottle totalling $257.94.  Instead you pay $206.35.


Sufficient-C Glutenizer_edited.jpg

Glutenizer Force + lends full spectrum premium vegan digestive enzyme support to effectively aid in the digestion of all difficult-to-digest-proteins, notorious for also being difficult to avoid.  Plus it includes a generous 2000mg dose of Vitamin C per scoop.  This is a great product for people on the run.


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Please use the following Order Form to submit your order prior to payment via Venmo! 

When making Venmo Payments, please reference the order number from JotForms! 

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Venmo Payment


Scan the QR Code with your phone's camera or send a payment to @CCH-LLC on Venmo as a way to complete the payment. Please include in the message text your shipping address, the product and how many you are getting, and your name.

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