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Progurt formulates Probiotic Sachets, the most advanced probiotic in the world, along with other amazing supportive digestive health supplements; Chlorides, Prebiotic, PH Caps and the Incubator.  
The 1 Trillion beneficial Progurt probiotics are identical to those found in a healthy human gut which is essential for bringing the body back into balance.

Probiotic 5 Pack


This uniquely powerful formulation of beneficial human bacteria is available in the 2-pack for $39.00 and the 5-pack for $99.00.  These are the perfect sizes for helping repopulate the gut after antibiotic treatments.

Probiotic 15 Pack


This uniquely powerful formulation of beneficial human bacteria is at it's best value in the 15-pack at $280.00 and the 30-pack at $540.00.

pH Caps


Compared to natural Sea Salt, PH Capsules are lower in the chloride Sodium and higher in the chlorides of Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium. Alkaline, mineralised Sea Salt can have a profound effect on hydration, circulation and the appropriate regulation of gut PH, all fundamental for digestion and a balanced, harmonious microbiota. Being high dosage, vegan-friendly vegetable capsules, they are rapidly absorbed.



Magnesium, potassium, sodium & calcium chlorides, found abundantly in the human body, are involved in hundreds of essential biochemical reactions that keep the body functioning properly. They are some of the body’s most essential minerals and play a role in protein synthesis, cardiovascular health, immune function & blood sugar management. 



Imagine a sugar that promotes mineral absorption of calcium and magnesium, improves the production of enzymes and improves your digestion. These oligosaccharides (concentrated non-digestible sugars) aid in the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria within the gut. And because the oligosaccharides in Prebiotic can only be digested by good bacteria and not your stomach, they won’t raise blood sugar levels.



The perfect solution for producing everybody's favourite probiotic yogurt, brimming with live beneficial bacteria, all made fresh in your own kitchen. Energy efficient, 100% silent and covered by a 5-year factory guarantee.


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Please use the following Order Form to submit your order prior to payment via Venmo! 

When making Venmo Payments, please reference the order number from JotForms! 

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Venmo Payment


Scan the QR Code with your phone's camera or send a payment to @CCH-LLC on Venmo as a way to complete the payment. Please include in the message text your shipping address, the product and how many you are getting, and your name.

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