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A Little Salt Can Change Your Life

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Salt has many benefits beyond bringing out the flavor in food, and surprisingly, very few know about it.

But there is a difference between table salt and sea salt and sodium. They are not interchangeable.

It's confusing. Very often the media and even healthcare experts misrepresent what they say by misusing the terms.

Sea salt is the natural form of salt made by the oceans. Once processed, and the trace minerals stripped out (for profit), it becomes table salt. Table salt is sodium chloride and breaks down to the molecules sodium and chloride. Too much sodium without it's natural mineral buddies may cause the problems we hear about because sodium, by itself, shows up everywhere, in food processing, preservatives and flavor enhancers. Sea salt however, in its natural form is very beneficial.

At this often hectic time of the year, we may not plan as well as we should. When thinking about your day or week, try to remember to plan for what you will be drinking all day. Why? Because most of us think we are hungry when really we are dehydrated.

Grabbing a liter of water to schlepp around isn’t the best you can do. If you are mineral deficient, which most of us are in the USA, put a quarter of a teaspoon of sea salt in every 8 ounces of liquid you carry.

Besides adding sea salt to your water, also consider adding fresh lemon/lime or a scoop of Sufficient-C to boost your immune system during this flu season.

For years I couldn’t understand how I drank so much water and immediately peed it right out. I had dry skin, dry lips and dry eyes. I have eaten a well-balanced non-dehydrating diet for most of my life, but I didn’t know that I was mineral deficient because it is difficult to test for. Normally you find out that you are deficient when the doctor hands you a diagnosis of osteoporosis decades later, or you have kidney problems. A friend of mine from Australia said, "You Americans have it all wrong. Don’t drink more water to hydrate, eat more sea salt (minerals) to hydrate".

Huh? More sea salt to hydrate?

As soon as I added more sea salt to my food and a dash of sea salt to my fluids, I began to feel better. No more rushing to find a toilet. My skin, lips, eyes and even my sinuses felt better within days. I was less hungry between meals and found that I was satiated faster. My client Frank cured a light sensitivity in his eyes by adding more sea salt to his food!

My advice?

I would recommend taking the table salt out of the kitchen and putting it into the bathroom to use as a skin scrub. Replace it with a variety of sea salts. Pick ones from all over the world. Celtic Sea Salt by Selina Naturally® is one of my favorites. You still need to drink water, but it's the sea salt that allows the cells to take up the water.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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