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Co-Creation Health

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creating better health together

Meet Stephanie Byers

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Foundational Health Specialist

Stephanie's fresh approach to optimizing her clients' health draws from her experiences in chemistry, dance, international relations, and finally clinical nutrition in graduate school.  Her love of people inspires her to help them find the answers they seek, whether their issues have physical, mental, or emotional aspects.

Stephanie got her Masters degree of Science in Clinical Nutrition from New York University.  She holds a registered dietitian license from the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics in Chicago.  She has been practicing for over 20 years.

Meet Stephanie
Why Co-Creation Health

  Why Co-Creation Health?

  • One on one private nutrition counseling

  • Review of medical history, diet analysis

  • Integrative and holistic approach

  • Natural protocols for health problems

  • Follow up on goals and strategies

"For me, Co-Creation means following your path, with my guidance and expertise.  Together we will find the right combination of lifestyle changes that work for you.  When you decide to take the first steps to improve your health, YOUR preferences will be our guiding force."  

"I believe in personalized nutrition counseling.  We are all unique, with distinct challenges and medical histories that don't fit into any preset program.  I will emphasize natural protocols to remove obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your goals."

"Food and nutrition is the foundation of physical wellbeing.  Accordingly, if one of the supporting legs (physical health) on a chair is weak, the chair (overall wellness) will eventually collapse.  So our primary focus usually begins there."

Healthy is the new beautiful !

Has the time come to take control of what seems like a rollercoaster life?  Just reading this, means you are taking the first step to change. 


This is the first place we look for obstacles to good health as its the vehicle for every other bodily function.


Many factors play a role in low energy 

which is why one pill will never be the cure.  Thyroid function and adrenal fatigue are often at the root of the problem.


Whether we detox slowly or quickly, our body is undoing the errors of the past.  This is best done in a warm season.


The word stress has been overused as an umbrella term and an excuse for whatever can't be medically explained.  However, physical and mental stress take a huge toll on your endocrine system (hormones) which has negative repercussions on every system in your body. 


Anxiety, depression, fatigue, unhealthy self-image, diet, and lack of exercise among other things often conspire to put you in a stressful mindset which needs to be addressed as part of any wellness program

Weight Loss

Surprisingly, “calories in, calories out” does not play much of a role in weight loss.  Like fatigue, there could be a variety of reasons contributing to it (sub-sensory food intolerances, inflammation, meal design, dehydration, etc.).  


Dysfunctional thyroid is a common problem and making sure that your body has all the things it needs to make and regulate thyroid hormones should be a primary focus. 


"Stephanie Byers is a one of a kind nutritionist.  Her passion for what she does is shown in the end result of her client's health and wellness.  Stephanie is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and any aspect of wellness.  I would trust her unconditionally with my health needs and those of my entire family."

— Angela A. 


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245 E. Ridgewood Ave

Ridgewood, NJ 07450


Venmo can  be used to pay for consultations and products. See those pages for specific details on paying for each service.

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